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Cigna Dental Dentist

Cigna Dental Dentist

About the Company

  • Founded over 200 years ago and is now a global insurance company
  • Insurance provider of medical, dental, disability, life and accident insurance and related products and services
  • Over 140K Dental PPO professionals, 20K Dental HMO professionals
  • Over 15 million covered by dental insurance
  • Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware
  • Partnerships and licenses in 30 countries and jurisdictions

We are a Cigna Dentist that serves Natick, Sherborn, Dover, Wellesley, Framingham, Wayland, Needham, Ashland, Holliston and Southborough.

Cigna Dental insurance is a large dental insurance provider in Massachusetts.  Cigna offers individual dental plans, so regardless of whether you have medical insurance with Cigna or not, you can purchase dental insurance.

There are three types of Cigna dental insurance plans:

  1. Cigna Dental Preventive Plan: This is a plan when you want basic coverage. This given good coverage for yearly checkups. No individual or family deductible, no waiting period for preventive or diagnostic services, and discounts for restorative services, so your costs are reduced if someone needs more extensive dental work. That includes crowns, bridges, fillings, root canals and dentures.
  2. Cigna Dental 1000 Plan: With this plan, you cover yourself and your family for preventive, diagnostic and restorative services. And if anyone needs orthodontia care, you may be eligible for a network discount. This plan does have 100% coverage for all annual exams, routine x-rays, and cleanings when you visit a Cigna DPPO Advantage provider, with no waiting period, once your plan is effective. After the deductible, Cigna covers—up to $1,000—for crowns, bridges, fillings, root canals and dentures.
  3. Cigna Dental 1500 Plan: With this plan, you get a $1,000 orthodontia benefit that applies to anyone covered under the plan, with budget friendly one-time deductible. Your restorative services—including crowns, bridges and fillings—are covered up to $1,500, a real savings for your family.

Also, Cigna offers Cigna Dental Savings Program is an affordable alternative to insurance that helps dental care expenses for you and your family. The Cigna Dental Savings program is not dental insurance – it is a discount program for dental services. There are three discount programs to choose from and each one offers different ways to save.